by Chase Denny

The recently created Berea College Trace is self-described as the “thread that weaves together our history and our future.”

This thread is one that not only includes places to shop around, eat some wonderful food, and stay overnight in exquisite lodging, but it also includes various educational and recreational opportunities that are offered by the College.

The purpose of the Berea College Trace is to give visitors and guests to Berea a comprehensive list of various activities for all interests. Here at the Berea College Forestry Outreach Center (FOC), we are honored to be featured as a destination of recreational interest on the BC Trace. Some of the other locations on the BC Trace include: Boone Tavern, The Berea College Farm Store, and the Loyal Jones Appalachian Center.

As a Berea College student, I have had the opportunity to experience the BC Farm Store, the Loyal Jones Appalachian Center, and many other destinations on the Trace. From my perspective as a student, there is no better meal in Berea, KY than the Farm Store. Not only is the food absolutely delicious, but there is always a diverse, student-made, menu of meal options created from ingredients that are grown on the Berea College farm or by other local farmers! The Farm Store also sells local and organic products, similar to a grocery store or indoor food market.

The Loyal Jones Appalachian Center (LJAC) is a wonderful educational space where the knowledge is not forced but rather presented in a fun, innovate way. I have learned so much about Appalachia from LJAC without even realizing I was learning at all!

If you are looking for a student’s perspective on some of the places on the Trace, the Farm Store and the Loyal Jones Appalachian Center are my highest recommendations.

The Trace also includes the option of taking a few different Campus tours for a greater knowledge of the college history, commitment to sustainability, and student crafts. One local attraction mentioned that is not as heavily affiliated with the college is the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen. This organization’s contribution to the BC Trace is a hands on experience in making various items.

This project is something the Forestry Outreach Center is very happy to be a part of and if anyone would like more information or a brochure about the BC Trace, stop by the greeters’ desk here at the FOC and we would love to tell you more!

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  • Gin Petty,

    I can only double down on the article above. I cannot think of a better place to have Saturday morning breakfast than the Farm Store. Not only is everything fresh, it is locally sourced. Love that! And I am SO glad the college opened up the Forestry Center with it’s activities for all ages. I have enjoyed it since day one, learning and growing through its offerings. Thank you!

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