Featured Five Flora and Fauna: Macroinvertabrates

These insects can be used to determine the quality of water. There are 3 categories that the ones featured here belong to: 1) highly pollutant sensitive, 2) somewhat pollutant sensitive, 3) thrive in polluted water

Check again next month for new things to find.

Featured Five Flora and Fauna: Restorative Forestry

These are different flora and fauna that are connected to Restorative Forestry. Click on an image to learn more!

Check back next month for a new featured five.

Eastern Red Bat
Eastern Screech Owl
Southern Black Widow
Jack o' lantern Mushroom




Rat-Tailed Maggot




Water Penny Beetle

An announcement from the Berea College Forest:

The Pinnacles, Brushy Fork, and Anglin Falls trails are OPEN. The Forestry Outreach Center Restrooms are CLOSED. Please practice social distancing and enjoy the trails!

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Learning from Nature

Here is a picture from this month’s Skies Over the Pinnacles. The horns of Taurus are cradling the moon. It can be seen at night on April 16th so be ready for it. You can read more by clicking the picture!

april, 2021

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We are open from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm every day of the week.
The trails are dog friendly, but they must be on a leash.
Yes, we have a parking lot by the building and trails.
No, the Forestry Outreach Center is free and open to all!
The Pinnacle trails are open dawn to dusk.
Yes, the Center has indoor and outdoor restrooms, as well as an outdoor shower. There are also drinking fountains and a water bottle filler in the Center.