Our Team - Meet the forestry folks!

Clint Patterson

College Forester

Office Info: Forestry Outreach Center CPO 2133 Phone: 859-985-3587 E-Mail: clint_patterson@berea.edu Clint Patterson is the College Forester. He and the two other Forestry staff members work together to keep the Berea College Forest in tip-top shape! Clint grew up in Illinois in the small towns of Brownstown and St. Elmo where he spent most of his time outdoors, exploring the land around him with his grandpa and step-dad. This time is what originally made Clint interested in forestry work. Appropriately, when Clint entered college, he decided to get his B.S. in Forestry at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and then his Master's degree in Forestry at the University of Kentucky. He was a District Forester for 9 years, and has been with Berea College's Forestry Department now for 7 years. A creative, big-picture thinker, Clint likes to draw and write, and finds an appreciation for the enchantment of forests, knowing that an open-minded approach to learning can break barriers and make new strides in fields of science such as forestry. Here at Berea, Clint loves working in the College Forest because of the beauty and history of this land and the enjoyment that other people can take from this place because of his work.


Wendy Z. Warren

Director: Forestry Outreach Center

Office Info: Forest Outreach Center CPO: 2133 Phone: 859-756-6094 Email: wendy_warren@berea.edu Wendy Warren has been an interdisciplinary educator for over thirty years, working with kindergartners through graduate students. Wendy holds a doctorate in Educational Leadership and currently serves as Director of the Forestry Outreach Center. She also works as Regional Seminar Coordinator for The Olga Lengyel Institute for Holocaust Education and Human Rights (TOLI). As a writer and educator for social and environmental justice, Wendy has published articles, book chapters, and is currently writing a book for publication by UK Press. Wendy notes the importance of a creative approach to education that creates conditions through which students might learn and practice empathy. Her dual focus on human diversity and biodiversity is a continual reminder that the world operates as an interconnected whole.

Education, Forestry

Glen Dandeneau

Assistant Forester

Office Info: Goldthwait Agricultural Building Room 114 CPO 1771 Phone: 859-985-3587 E-Mail: glen_dandeneau@berea.edu Glen Dandeneau is the Assistant Forester at Berea College. Born into a military family in Manchester, New Hampshire, Glen moved around a lot before settling in Berea, where he was lived for the past 34 years. Glen graduated from Berea College in 1987 with a B.A. in Agriculture. Glen loves reading, playing sports, and music. In fact, he's been in three separate bands, and even released two CDs! However, his love for the outdoors is what drew him to his eventual career in forestry. Glen says he is passionate about life, and he loves the work he does in the natural environment, getting to learn about the dynamic and complex biological world around him. Glen loves that his work in forestry allows him to work with so many people. As the department's labor supervisor, Glen works closely with labor students and enjoys learning from them and sharing his knowledge. Glen is a joyful, upbeat person and shares his joy wherever he goes!

Forestry, Flora, Fauna

Buddy “Trey” Prather III

Forestry Technician

Office Info: Goldthwait Agriculture Building, 114 CPO 2133 Phone: 859-985-3587 Email: pratheriiib@berea.edu Trey Prather is a Forestry Technician at Berea College, Trey earned his B.S. in Forestry from the University of Kentucky before coming to work at Berea in April 2017. Trey appreciates the work he does with his labor students, being not-so-removed from his college experience. Trey loves that forestry is a career that will keep you on your toes. He likes getting lost in his work and finding that he can have so many new and unexpected experiences in the forest. Outside of forestry, Trey loves his family! He and his fiance, Kennedy, recently welcomed baby Juniper in September of 2017. As a new father, Trey is passionate about leaving the world a better place than he found it. Through his work in forestry, he often finds ways to do just that.


Jordan Byrnes


Jordan Byrnes is a lover of the outdoors from Louisville, KY. He is at Berea as a non-traditional student pursuing an independent major in public health education. He is spending his last summer and school year working at the Center! His interests include rock climbing, hiking, swimming, cycling, paddling, slacklining, music, art, and, of course, dogs. His favorite part about nature is its' simplicity. After college, he looks forward to being an outdoor educator and passing along his passion for nature.

Education, Hiking, Outdoor Rec

Pepper Byrnes


Pepper is a canine who frequently accompanies her human to the center. She loves working as a greeter and taking new friends on hikes.


Stephen Nwaloziri


Stephen is going into his third year at Berea College as a Business major with a minor in Communication! He is a non-traditional student from Nigeria who worked for years in his field and is excited to graduate from Berea with even more knowledge and expertise. Stephen volunteered his time in 2017 and created this great website you're reading from right now! He loves photography and cinematography and is currently working on creating more content for our website and display area. He will be continuing into the fall semester with us, and we're happy to have him!

Media, Hiking, Outdoor Rec

John Abrams

Americorps VISTA

John Abrams is a Berea native working at the Forestry Outreach Center as a Program Coordinator through the Americorps VISTA program. He attended Eastern Kentucky University where he earned a Bachelor's Degree in Wildlife Management. John has worked professionally on research involving bats, birds, and reptiles. In his free time, John enjoys hiking, birding, kayaking and just being outdoors. If you have any questions involving the wildlife or plant life of the forest, feel free to email him at john_abrams@berea.edu

Education, Hiking, Trees

Alison Adkins

Americorps VISTA

Alison Adkins is working at the Forestry Outreach Center through the Americorps VISTA program. She graduated from Georgetown University in 2018. She loved hiking, canoeing, nature photography, and learning about wildlife.

Hiking, Nature Photography, Nature Trivia

Chase Denny


Chase is a Sophomore studying Political Science at Berea College. When outside, he enjoys hiking and taking in everything we take for granted daily. One of his favorite things to do is hike to an outlook, find some shade, and read a book while taking in all that the Earth has to offer. At the center, he focuses on bridging the gap between Berea College and Berea, KY. He also works with the Boy Scouts of America to establish a connection between the BSA of Kentucky and the Forestry Outreach Center.

Michelle Berendsen

Americorps. Member

Michelle Berendsen is working at the Berea Forestry Outreach Center through the Americorps State Environmental Education Leadership Program. She is currently pursuing two master's degrees at Eastern Kentucky University for counseling. Michelle holds a Bachelor's of Arts in English Teaching and until recently taught high school English in Northern Kentucky. When she is not busy with her academics, Michelle enjoys reading, cycling, fly fishing, hiking, and traveling. Michelle has worked many hours building and maintaining trails throughout the Allegheny Forest in Pennsylvania, has volunteered time maintaining mountain bike trails throughout NKY, and has volunteered some time in the Daniel Boone National Forest.

Lucas Collett

Labor Student

Lucas Collett is currently a sophomore at Berea College studying chemistry and a labor student at the forestry outreach center. When outside he enjoys hiking.

Hunter McDavid

Labor Student

Hunter is a sophomore at Berea College. He is passionate about environmental conservation and is the founder of the Brushy Fork Nature Coalition and a labor student at the Forestry Outreach Center. When outside he enjoys hiking and rock climbing.

Rachel Hidding

Labor Student

Rachel is a sophomore at Berea College majoring in Agriculture. She loves the outdoors and hiking. She has an interest in sustainability and works to improve the environmental impact of the Forestry Outreach Center.

Willow and Holly


Willow and Holly are special horses who are part of the Forestry Outreach Center team. They are both Suffolk Punches, a very rare breed of draft horse. They help the center perform sustainable logging within the forest.

Past Team Members

Kayla Zagray

AmeriCorps VISTA

A Zoology major at Kent State Unviersity, Kayla Zagray has a strong passion for animals and environmental education for all people. As an AmeriCorps VISTA with the Forestry Outreach Center, Kayla uses her skills to develop the inner workings of the Center that will help it have effective programs that can be sustained once her AmeriCorps year is complete. Being from Ohio, Kayla has found the transition to Kentucky to be a somewhat new, but incredibly rewarding experience. She loves her work and will be sad to leave when her year of service ends in August, 2018. Kayla is, however, excited to complete her Zoology degree to keep expanding her skills in environmental education.

Education, Outreach

Ashley Mike

AmeriCorps VISTA

Being a Berea College graduate herself (Class of 2017), Ashley Mike joined the Forestry Outreach Center staff as an AmeriCorps VISTA with the hope that she could use her background with the College to connect with students, faculty, and staff to get them excited about environmental education. While at Berea, Ashley was a Sociology major, and uses her skills to connect with people both in the Center and regarding the Center. She sees her work with the Forestry Outreach Center as social justice work and is most passionate about creating programming that uses outreach to bring environmental education to students who wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to learn about the environment in a creative, hands on way.

Education, Outreach

Imelda Saintilma, Nhan Phan, and Armando Buenrostro


Imelda, Nhan, and Armando were the first group of student employees that worked at the Forestry Outreach Center! They were with us in Fall 2017, and Nhan continued into 2018.

Eunice Jarquin--Spring 2018


Eunice is a third-year Berea College student who started a labor position with the Forestry Outreach Center in January, 2018. Eunice's major is in Agriculture and Natural Resources, and she has decided to minor in Forest Resource Management. This forest-centered perspective helps Eunice bring her passion of learning about and reconnecting with the natural world to the Forestry Outreach Center. Eunice speaks three languages (Spanish, English, and some Mandarin Chinese) and enjoys learning about various cultures and connecting through language and food. Eunice is also works at the Berea College Greenhouse. It is with great excitement that we welcome Eunice to our team as the Center opens and begins its outreach programs.

Education, Outreach, Flora

Aloyce Riziki--Summer 2018


Aloyce Riziki just finished his second year at Berea College as a chemistry major with a concentration in biochemistry. He grew up in Tanzania near Mount Kilimanjaro. He has adventurous interests such as cycling, running, hiking, and yoga, to name a few. He is also very in tune with nature and the environment. Eager to learn more, Aloyce has taken a focus in educating himself on the birds in the Berea College Forest, and also has an interest in flowers. He looks forward to leading hikes at the Center on these topics, as well as lead yoga sessions. In addition to his work here at the Center, Aloyce is also a T.A. at the College for a math class and is taking summer classes, himself. In his free time, he enjoys learning Spanish and working on his fitness.

Education, Hiking, Birds

Trent Powell


Trent Powell is an upcoming sophomore at Berea College from Grant, Alabama. He is currently undecided in his major, but he's leaning toward Technology and Applied Design and is enjoying exploring his interests. Trent enjoys spending time outdoors and experiencing nature, specifically caves. He also spends time outdoors running, and represents the College on their track and cross country teams. He's looking forward to getting to know The Pinnacles and leading community hikes during the week, incorporating his knowledge about trees. You'll also often see him as a greeter in the Center. Stop in and say "hi!"

Education, Hiking, Trees

Alex Wilson


Alex Wilson is going into his senior year at Berea with a major in psychology, with a special interest in neuroscience. Originally from Easley, South Carolina, Alex lived in Alaska for 5 years at Fort Richardson, contributing to the fact that his favorite part of nature is anything to do with the arctic and snow. He is looking forward to working at the Center and getting out and hiking, especially at Brushy Fork behind the College, and hopes he can inspire other students to do the same!

Hiking, Science

Nhan Phan--Fall 2017 & Spring 2018


A first-year Berea College student, Nhan Phan's labor position is with the Forestry Outreach Center where she helps with various tasks to make the Center run smoothly. Aside from basic tasks such as cleaning and stocking, Nhan helps the team to create programs and lesson plans that can be used for class visits or outreach initiatives. Nhan is also an incredible artist, and her major at Berea is in Studio Art. She has found a passion in identifying plant species (both native and non-native) that can be found in the Berea College Forest, and then painting or drawing each species. The Center has already used Nhan's artwork in projects ranging from the Fall 2017 Friends of the Forest Newsletter, to creating flashcards that Center staff and visitors can use to learn about the flora in our Forest. The Center hopes to continue using her lovely work in future projects to broaden our understanding of the environment through art.

Education, Outreach, Art

Gabriella Epley--Summer 2018


Gabriella Epley just finished her first year as a Berea College student who is double majoring in Sustainability and Environmental Studies, as well as Spanish. Gabriella is specifically interested in the outreach aspect of working at the Forestry Outreach Center, saying, "What's so cool about the FOC is that there is so much opportunity to grow that appreciation [of natural surroundings], especially within the youth community." Gabriella is excited to use her talents of working with energetic children and her passion of teaching and learning, especially about the preservation of nature, to bring a unique approach to outreach from the Center.

Education, Outreach, Flora

Emily Newton


Emily is a non-traditional student majoring in Philosophy and will be graduating in August! She loves the outdoors and is excited about the FOC.

Hiking, Outdoor Rec