Why is the sky important?

We often don’t think about the sky above us as a part of the ecosystem other than when weather is involved. But it is! People have used stars and other objects in the sky for thousands and thousands of years to help them navigate, tell time, know when to plant crops, and create folklore and art. In fact, many animals use the sky for travelling and telling time!

Of course, the sky is also home to our Moon, an important force in many aspects of life on Earth. The Sun is also a vital part of life, as it gives energy to the planet.

Learn with us, with help from Jeff Hutton, an avid astronomer and Berea community member, about the sky above us and how it connects to the ecosystem and ourselves.

Click HERE for astronomical activities Jeff has written and shared with us.

Interested in the stars?
The Pinnacles Astronomy Club is up and running! If you are interested in attending meetings or learning more, contact Jeff Hutton: jeffp.hutton@gmail.com
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For more detailed celestial information, check out skyandtelescope.org.

Keep Looking Up!



Click HERE for fun and educational astronomy activities provided by Jeff Hutton!

Thanks to Jeff Hutton! Jeff is a long time amateur astronomer and telescope builder. He volunteers his time to offer many great programs at the FOC.