The Berea College Forest is a great place to get out and enjoy nature!

Berea is a certified Trail Town with multiple opportunities for hiking recreation. Click the trail you’re interested in on the menu to the left. These hiking trails are open year round and are maintained by the Berea College Forestry Department. From their website, here’s how we ask that you help keep the forest in happy and healthy:

  • The area is open for use during daylight hours only. The parking lot is closed at night.
  • Visitors are welcome on trails only. No short cuts, please.
  • Plants, animals, rocks, and archeological artifacts are to be left alone.
  • NO motor vehicles, horses, or bicycles are permitted on the trails. Foot travel only!
  • NO fires, smoking, drugs, alcohol, hunting, firearms, or camping.
  • Pets must be kept on a leash.
  • NO trash. If you pack it in, then you must pack it out!
  • The trails may be closed during extreme forest fire danger. Portions of the trails may be closed temporarily for maintenance or forest management. Areas of the Berea College Forest not served by the trail system are closed to the public.