Watch for more pre-school activities and opportunities coming soon….

Discovery Walk

Children will engage in a guided discovery walk through the displays and into the outdoors.  Afterward, they will draw, write, and share their stories about the experience. 1-2 hours

Adventures with Books/ Forest Adventures

Our time together will begin with a shared reading of a book that will inspire the learning to come, once the group ventures outdoors. Themes include rocks, water, plants, animals, feelings, and more…

Guess the Animal in the Forest….in the Barnyard….in your House….at the Zoo

The activity begins by showing photos of many different types of animals—wild and domestic—in order to differentiate those terms. Students then create a list of animals by drawing or writing. Next, they take turns acting out an animal, silently at first, adding sound effects if needed. When a student guesses the animal, they also say whether it’s wild or domestic. Would we find the animal in a barnyard, in a forest, in someone’s house, at the zoo? Adapted from Project Wild.