The Berea College Trace

by Chase Denny

The recently created Berea College Trace is self-described as the “thread that weaves together our history and our future.”

This thread is one that not only includes places to shop around, eat some wonderful food, and stay overnight in exquisite lodging, but it also includes various educational and recreational opportunities that are offered by the College. Read more “The Berea College Trace”

A Time For Pause

By Michelle Berendsen

A Time for Pause

When the cold settles, the earth grows quiet.
When the cold settles, the world pauses.
When the cold settles, change happens.

The bear… wanting naught but food and slumber.
The grass… wilting and falling beneath the snow.
The lost animal… pining for its reunion with summer.

They know this is not forever.
They understand this is a time to prepare.
They feel the knowledge the earth lends.

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