“I Tried” is Always Good

There is something special in every month. When January is covered with the cold snow, February comes along and warms our heart with love.

I’m pretty sure that everyone has had love, or was in love once, if not many times in their life. The happy, the sad, the distant, and the memories, these are the things we call love.

Do you remember the first time you fell in love? Was it the smile on their face? Was it the long eye contact you had? Do you still remember the feeling? We might call it cliché, but it is the moment when our heart seems to explode inside our chest at the sight of that person. The same person that brings us so much happiness, as well as sadness. The person that we daydream about. The person that makes you giggle while everyone looks at you weirdly, and still you don’t care, because it’s love. 

For the ones that are in love, don’t restrain your feelings just for this day. This Valentine’s Day, give the person you love a piece of your heart, reserve the rest, and make every day a Valentine’s Day. For the ones that are yet to confess their feelings, take this opportunity to empower yourself. I often heard the phrase, “My heart belongs to me, but it betrays me when it sees you.” Trust me, it is better to pour your heart out rather than hold in all the feelings for yourself. Who knows, you might be someone’s first love. For better or worse, you’ve tried, and that’s what matters.

This February, be yours, or be someone’s valentine. Bring back, or create a good memory. Listen to a song. Do as your heart desires.

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

by Nhan Phan


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