A wild turkey by Teddy Llovet

Where are they found?

Wild turkeys are native to the Americas and are most prevalent in the southeastern United States where they mostly live in forests, although this varies.

What do they eat?

Wild turkeys are foragers who eat things like fruit, seeds, ferns, nuts, and sometimes small insects.

How do they act?

Wild turkeys can walk, run, and, though some think otherwise, they can fly. They do this when they feel threatened. Males will show off for females by spreading their tail feathers and gobbling loudly to get female turkeys to mate with them. When females have chicks, the adult males roost together, leaving the adult females to care for the chicks until they are grown enough to find their own food.

Are they endangered?

While wild turkeys were facing a steep population decline due to their popularity as a dinner favorite, their numbers are now back to normal and the popular bird holds a status of “Least Concern” with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species.

Bird Blurb

Did you know that wild turkeys can swim when necessary? They simply tuck their wings, fan their tail feathers, and kick their legs!


Do you eat turkey on Thanksgiving?



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