A tradition since 1875, Mountain Day is a day off from classes so students can enjoy The Pinnacles and all of the days’ fun activities!

While many students are still getting dressed for the sunrise hike, the Berea College choirs have already made their way to the top of the mountain and are practicing their vocals for when the sun rises. Students just making it up are greeted by the morning sun and the raised voices of people in concert with the Earth. While hikers are on the mountain, booths from different College departments, clubs, and organizations are set up to play games, have contests, and give out goodies when everyone returns from their hike.

Student groups performing on Mountain Day








As hikers begin their return and other visitors are still arriving, the field fills with students surrounding a stage that has been set up to showcase students’ many talents. Student groups come, one by one to the stage to share their skills. Many dance, many sing, some do tricks, and others speak. The crowd surrounding roars in support. Lunch is served by the dining hall staff as Ms. Pat welcomes each to the tent under which the food is protected. As everyone eats, the festivities continue and the Forest is celebrated by friends and family, coworkers and partners, faculty, staff, students, and community members, all coming together as one under the shade of the Forest’s far reaching trees.