In this activity, students split into groups to learn simultaneously about three different key aspects of the Berea College Forest’s history. At the first learning station, a  timeline of Berea College takes students from the College’s opening in 1855 to the present and how the Forest has changed through these years. The next station outlines Berea’s unique water system and how it came to life. The third outlines the Forestry Department and the Forestry Outreach Center’s role in this work. Once the students have cycled through each station, they will be more in touch with the Berea College Forest and will be able to name and describe some of the key aspects that make the BC Forest so unique. They will be able to demonstrate knowledge of how the Forest ecosystem functions as a part of the larger Berea Community system of living. Students will leave with a stronger appreciation for the natural world and stronger connections with the Berea College Forest.

This lesson is useful for all classes, and is ideal for classes that focus on  the history of the College, forestry, agriculture, or that  emphasize the way that systems work together.