The Mission

Forestry Outreach Center:

The mission of the Forestry Outreach Center is to provide a space in which people of all ages can learn about the natural world and, specifically, the Berea College Forest. Using a model of community education in which each person participates as both a teacher and a learner, our hope is that the Center will act as a bridge between College and community, fostering an attitude of stewardship of the ecosystems and watersheds that sustain us!

The Forestry Outreach Center, a long wooden and stone building

Forestry Department:


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The mission of the Forestry Department is to manage the Berea College Forest based on up-to-date forest science. This involves maintaining and improving physical facilities and records while enhancing, studying, and utilizing varied sources. These resources include wood products, water, recreation, and wildlife. This is to be accomplished with concern for the educational value and ecologic health of the Forest, as well as the financial well-being of the College. To provide education and service to the Berea College community in forestry related matters

The Great Commitments of Berea College


  1. To provide an educational opportunity for students of all races, primarily from Appalachia, who have great promise and limited economic resources.
  2. To offer a high-quality liberal arts education that engages students as they pursue their personal, academic, and professional goals.
  3. To stimulate understanding of the Christian faith and its many expressions and to emphasize the Christian ethic and the motive of service to others.
  4. To promote learning and serving in community through the student Labor Program, honoring the dignity and utility of all work, mental and manual, and taking pride in work well done.
  5. To assert the kinship of all people and to provide interracial education with a particular emphasis on understanding and equality among blacks and whites as a foundation for building community among all peoples of the earth.
  6. To create a democratic community dedicated to education and gender equality.
  7. To maintain a residential campus and to encourage in all community members a way of life characterized by mindful and sustainable living, health and wellness, zest for learning, high personal standards, and a concern for the welfare of others.
  8. To engage Appalachian communities, families, and students in partnership for mutual learning, growth, and service.

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