A Nature of Caretaking

A Nature of Caretaking

by Abigail Kingston

In an ecosystem, almost every organism depends on every other in some way for survival. However, the concept of symbiosis is taught to us in school like it’s a specific, situational partnerships where two organisms turn from the usual path of competing for resources or trying to eat each other and offer each other some kind of benefit, as with clown fish and sea anemones. Otherwise, ecosystems are made of organisms all looking out for their own interests, and sometimes “taking advantage of” or “utilizing” opportunities created by other organisms.

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In 2023, Let’s Rediscover the Natural World through Curiosity

written by Abigail Kingston

In a world suffering from the effects of colonization, profit-driven destruction of natural environments, and industrialization, humans are becoming more and more alienated from the natural world.

When you think of “nature,” what do you envision?

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