The vascular plants of the Berea College Forest (BCF), the oldest managed forest in Kentucky, are presented as an annotated species list. BCF is comprised of 3,380 ha in Madison, Jackson, and Rockcastle counties of east-central Kentucky. Forests and diverse habitats include western mesophytic forest, mixed mesophytic forest, oak-hickory forest, mixed oak-Virginia pine forest, secondary succession areas, wetland habitats, and many anthropo- genic-influenced areas. The known vascular plants consist of 1,017 specific and infraspecific taxa, 513 genera, and 139 families. Classification divisions with species are Equisetophyta (2), Lycopodiophyta (4), Polypodiophyta (33), Pinophyta (13), and Magnoliophyta (965). One hundred ninety-six taxa (19.27%) are naturalized, persisting, adventive, or cultivated exotics. The Asteraceae (141), Poaceae (100), Cyperaceae (64), and Fabaceae (56) are the largest families.