An announcement from the Berea College Forest:

In response to large gatherings that have been occurring at popular hiking and outdoor activity sites, Governor Beshear has urged the closure of all such venues to the public. The Red River Gorge is said to be closing as are most of our state parks and many outdoor city areas, as well. The Administrative Committee has reluctantly made the decision to close temporarily the Indian Fort area and the College Forest more generally to hiking and other outdoor recreational activities. Effective this evening at dusk, parking areas will be barricaded.

From the FOC team, stay safe and we’ll look forward to hiking with you again!

–Posted March 27th, 2020

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Map by Forestry Technician Trey Prather
Located right behind Berea College’s campus, these trails are a great, convenient way for students and community members to enjoy nature.
To see Berea Tourism’s Map, click here.
Directions: If you are coming from the four way stop by Boone Tavern, go down Scaffold Cane Rd. (runs between Union Church on the left and the Alumni Building on the right). There is a small gravel parking lot and an open grass patch on the right side of the road where you can park.